This Trend Will Keep Your Feel Warm this Winter (Sorta)

by Linoya

Call this part 2.0 of the recent statement accessory that will make you stand out article. Because this trend is a must-have this winter, especially for the weekends... Gucci is one of the first brands to set the fur shoe as a trend (yet again) while introducing their fur loafers, that are so loved by every single fashion girl on the planet. I guess I kind of had mixed feeling about it at first, but I've grown to like them! I just need to find the perfect pair to make the cut to my wardrobe. Did anyone say Gucci?

How to Style it

Furry shoes call for denim, heck, they shout denim. Probably a good duster too, preferably pink. And an over-sized white linen button-down stole-this-from-my-tall-boyfriend style. That is only one way to style it, but there are so many more ways. With the Gucci iconic loafers I would wear a black hemmed denim with a black top and a leather jacket. I think the all-black-everything look good. I personally like this upcoming trend, do you? 


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*All photos are taken from Pinterest