The Statement Item that Will Make You Stand Out

by Linoya

We all know and love Fendi's furry monsters that have taken over the world and have millions of dupes (should've patent that Fendi, don't say I didn't say so ;)). The latest update in the fur department is fur bags, and my favorites, clutches. This trend is fresh and straight of the runway! So my suggestion is to you is to get your hands on one because you will start seeing them everywhere during the next few seasons! I've always liked (faux) fur. It's just such a good statement piece that makes your outfit stand out, by definition. The good thing about faux fur is that you can actually get it for cheap. You don't have to opt for designer for it to look good and spend thousands of dollars, you can always find a good place in the middle. I'm eyeing a burgundy-colored one because it matches perfectly for Fall!  

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