Vintage Dior

by Linoya


Sometimes a girl just has to sparkle. While getting to know me you would notice how much I love anything relating to glitter. From nails to clothes, and even my phone case! With this outfit I put on the sequin top to break the all black everything look. Wearing this in the streets of the West Village felt like a total scene from an Old Hollywood movie. I felt inspired to create this look from the color palette  of the vintage Dior I received as a gift from my grandmother. There is something about vintage clothing that is always a bit mysterious. Not knowing where they came from or when they have been worn or who wore them, what kind of glamorous nights these clothes were spent with back in the day... Old Hollywood has always struck me as an incredible time to live as a movie star. It seems so alluring and just filled with glam and... sparkle! 

With this outfit every single detail is measured. From the black Theory skirt, and the furry gloves, the black mysterious cape that revealed the sequin top but shows just the right amount... The clutch, shoes, and hat gave it the final touch that without them, it just would not look the same. As always, New York has inspired me. Even after the blizzard it has its magic.