Show Time

by Linoya

It's December! Can you believe it? And we're off to Israel in less than 3 weeks! So excited! Anyways, we thought that Lincoln Center was completely appropriate for this outfit! We shot this over the weekend and it was surprisingly empty, and cold! Yep. Winter is definitely here.  Can't say that we're happy about that! But it's good to always take advantage on every situation sooo just wish us good luck with passing through this winter! 

Black Friday passed, and we are waiting for all of our new clothes and accessories to arrive! Some of them are already here! We shopped online only, didn't want to wait in those crazy long lines! 

We stole this Bebe coat from our mom, figured fits perfectly with that Club Monaco pleated leather skirt and Max Mara boots! This skirt is perfection (and it's on sale, too)! It's thick so we could wear it on nice winter days. Definitely taking that one to Israel with us! It's the perfect combination of pleated and leather, and it fits really nicely! 

Details are down below, as usual!


Sweater: Club Monaco
Skirt: Club Monaco
Coat: Bebe
Boots: Max Mara (they're old, here is a Stuart Weitzman similar pair, and an affordable similar pair.)
Bag: Michael Kors