L. Raphael x Four Seasons

by Linoya

Recently we had the opportunity to collaborate with L. Raphael,  a spa company that is very famous around Europe, Israel, Russia, and NYC. We had to both be photographed and photograph for Ronit Raphael's hair salon and these photos are going to be featured in a magazine! Both in Europe and in the United States! Exciting! The whole experience was just amazing. From the first moment they treated us like queens. They were able to bring us all that we needed for the shoot. 

After building the setting in the hair salon, which served as a studio, the hairstylist Thomas, asked me all about my hair so he could give me the best haircut. These guys are truly professionals. Have we mentioned that they stay at the Four Seasons? Well, if you are in New York and looking for a mind blowing spa treatment or haircut, this is the place to go (they are pricy, don't say that we didn't give you a warning!)

I've (Linoy) always been scared to cut my hair. I remember that I didn't cut my hair until I was 3 and when I did I cried sooo much! Now I trust no one but my hair stylist in Israel. I made an exception  this time because I know that L. Raphael only works with the best. I was still nervous though! 

It turned out to be great and now I love my new haircut! My hair really needed one anyways and I don't think that it could have waited for another month until I arrive in Israel! Now I have another trustworthy hairstylist really close by!  

During the first phase we were talking about how I usually style my hair and of the best haircut Thomas could give me that would be perfect for me.

This is a cutting method we have never encountered before! He made me stand up so the cut would be super straight and even! We were impressed! 

After he finished to cut my hair perfectly, he blowed dried it so elegantly. Loved it!

I (Linoy) was wearing a Club Monaco skirt and top, and Bruno Magli booties. I will post the links on the next outfit post! 

Here is a link to the L. Raphael website. (just click HERE