The Best Photo Spots in New York

by Linoya

If there's one thing you can say about New York, is that it's photogenic! Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring, she is a super-model throughout all season, no exception (unlike some of us in the Winter ;)) I have gathered photos from my blog and Instagram archives into one post for all you tourist (or locals) out there who are looking for the absolute best photo location! Trust me, if you go to any of those in the list below you can never go wrong, and you'll become Insta gods (is that even a thing?) Without further ado, let me introduce to you, my beautiful New York: 


Soho is likes it's own different city. I swear, you could probably spend months here without taking pictures at the exact same spot, or go to the exact same places. This is one of my favorite places in the entire city, and I probably come here every weekend! Make sure you stay off Broadway and go to the side streets such as Prince, Wooster, Greene, and many more. 

Central Park

Central Park is by far one of the beautiful places in the city. It's the heart and soul of the city. Paddle-boating is a must, it makes the perfect photo spot! It feels like a daydream being inside the pond and being able to over-look the entire city. My favorite time in Central Park is the spring because all the beautiful color combination comes back after a long and cold winter! That bridge is right off of 5th Ave. If you go through the entrance of 5th straight through, you will find it on your left. Apparently other people know it's a good location, since there is usually a bunch of people waiting to get their photo taken! 

5th Avenue

Other than being a pretty perfect place to go shopping, 5th Ave makes the perfect photo spot. I found this marble wall right next to the Plaza Hotel, if you go on Central Park South there will be a small marble wall in a corner of a restaurant! The Plaza Hotel is also a pretty amazing location to take photos against, or of! 

Bryant Park

Bryant Park and the New York Public Library are so beautiful and make the perfect photo spot! Especially if you're into breathtaking architecture and symmetry! 

Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock is a viewpoint at the very top of the Rockefeller Center. It's basically the equivalent to the top of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles! It overviews the entire city and the Empire State Building is right in your face! I recommend it much better than the top of the Empire because you can literally see it and it is soooo beautiful! 

See the not-so-little building behind me? ;)

See the not-so-little building behind me? ;)

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is probably one of the most New York places you will ever go to. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall, you will experience a mix of everything: musicians, street artists, people waiting to play check-mate with other people, children enjoying the cool water in the fountain and soooo much more! I recommend going there and experience it, and only when you're done then take a bunch of photos :) 


Dumbo is one of those must-go must-see places. It feels like the old New York, meaning that it isn't industrial and it feels a lot more quiet yet it still has cute little cafes and nice boutiques. Definetly a place you must go to! 

Brooklyn + Williamsburg Bridges

Now if you are looking to wow people through the photos, you must go to the Brooklyn Bridge. In my eyes its the 8th wonder of the world! It is just stunning and every photo you take on it. Just make sure you find an empty background with as least people as you can. I suggest going super early in the morning if you are a perfectionist and don't want any unwanted photobombers, not to mention the beautiful lighting! You will find the Williamsburg bridge photogenic from the Williamsburg side, or as I used to call it before I liked Brooklyn, the other side ;) I also highly recommend exploring WillyB! 

So here comes the end of this post, but it is honestly just the beginning! Each and every district has so much to offer and sooo many great places to take photos at! Enjoy!