Disneyland Diary

by Linoya


I'm pretty sure yesterday was my 5,345th time in Disneyland. But no matter how many times I'll go, it will always feel magical! I can't even explain it! There are lines, people everywhere, and it was pretty freaking hot but don't get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of it. I don't know what it is! It's as if Tinkerbell sprinkles her fairy dust all over me when I'm at Disneyland! 

Now that you know how much I love Disney, it's time for you to enjoy the pictures I took while I was there. For me, pictures is a big part of the experience, with life in general. One of the reasons I started blogging is because I love photography and pretty things, so capturing my daily life and style is a perfect combination for me. Sometimes I would drive the people who are with me a little crazy, but that's ok because they know that I will forever love them for capturing my visions!

The spot where I took the picture above was really popular because there were no people in the background, so as soon as someone moved you would have to quickly take over and start posing! When my turn arrived, I think I was in that spot for like 20 minutes and my camera roll was filled with 500 new pictures. I told the people that were waiting to take their photos that they might as well go to a ride and come back, I'll still be here! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this mini Disney diary that I loved to create so much! I finally got the annual pass so if you're a Disney fan I suggest you stick around, you'll see it from every angle! 

what I wore to disneyland


what I wore to Disneyland