Native New York

by Linoya

The Lower East Side is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. There is such a unique and neighborhood-like vibe. Everyone knows each other, high-fiving each other on the streets, sitting together at little cafes at street corners. It is like an ongoing New York movie with a lot of unique people and places with a lot of personality. It is sad to say, but it is quite rare nowadays to find places that have cool chic like old and authentic New York used to have. 

This look is 100% my style. Thanks to Ashley from the Lower East Side boutique I was able to put it together and shoot it for you guys. Even though it is an all black look, the skirt and the boots make it softer and romanticize it.  The cardigan is definetly the heart of this look. It is so edgy and cool, I have never encountered anything as unique as this piece! I absolutly adore the amazing design on the vintage CHANEL. I'm all for personalized one-of-a-kind timeless items. 

Photography: Hillit Friedman

Bag: CHANEL (available through A. Turen NYC