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Best of the Nordstrom Sale

by Linoya

If there's anything good going on at the Nordstrom sale, I got you covered right here. I picked all of my favorite picks for the best bargains! It's worth checking out if you want to take advantage of all of the crazy sales that are going on right now at every single store out there! Happy shopping xoxo

Your Black Friday + Cyber Monday Guide

by Linoya

Black Friday is officially here! Such a great time to take advantage of all the great deals out there while saving and splurging on the same time! If you like online shopping as much as I do, then you know how long we've all been waiting for that weekend!!! To make your lives easier, and save you a lot of time, I linked my favorite options ranging from affordable to bargain and my top designer picks! Don't forget that some websites have additional sales with a code! Happy Black Friday (and Thanksgiving of course!) 

Chic and Cheap

Great Savings on Amazing Styles

My weakness! Top Designer picks

Sunglasses Obsessed

by Linoya

I've always been sunglasses crazed. No matter the occasion or the timing, whenever I see a sunglasses store I will always go inside and try on as many pairs as I can, and on some days even buy my favorite!

One of my favorite stores to shop for sunglasses is Garrett Leight. Whenever I walk inside their store, I find myself hypnotized and no matter what, I will always leave with a shopping bag. You can find a lot of my favorite designs in this layout, all inspired from one of my favorite colors :) 

The Dream List: Mini Edition

by Linoya

Oh, bags... If only we could have as many of you as we want! But then again would we still lust you so bad? I'm a forever bag lover, and here is my mini dream list! 

The 7 Items You Need from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

by Linoya

Sale season is here, and we all just got to take advantage of those amazing prices out there! Here are my top 7 picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. These are must shop items since the low prices are going to be gone soon! Sale ends on August 8th so start browsing now!

Summer Beach Chic

by Linoya

Summer is here and it's time to actually invest in some great beach pieces! Being a time when you usually spend half your time on vacation or by the beach, it's important to stay chic 100% of the time! Here are some amazing pieces I can't wait to get my hands on specifically for summer! 

Stars in Her Eyes

by Linoya

Can we just take a moment to appreciate all of there amazing booties... I'm in love! 

June 3rd: in case you're wondering that's my birthday XD

Spring Wish List

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on my mind: sneakers and bags

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End of January Wish List

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There is something about neutrals with a pop of color that is just too hard to resist. Here are some of the things on my wish list currently. Some of them are on sale. Click on them to find out which. 

10 Hottest Black Shoes On Sale!

by Linoya

1. Rag and Bone Bootie

That one is a CLASSIC. And for that price? We don't know about you but we will definitely order this baby! Honestly one of the best finds we've had in a while! 

*To shop simply click on the shoe in the box. 

2. Ivanka Trump Knee-High Boot

If you've read our latest posts you'll probably know that this is our Fall thing. A perfect match with a cute skirt. 

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Flats

This is just getting better and better! It's always nice to have a name brand in your wardrobe. This sale is epic.

4. Vince Camuto Booties

If you want to rock an outfit, that's the right way to do it. Those booties add the perfect final touch for an edgy outfit. 

5. Classic Nike Sneakers

These are soooo beautiful! So simple yet so stylish! Would be a perfect match with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. 

6. Manolo Blahnik Pumps

Yep. This is real life. There are only few sizes left, you better hurry! 

7. Steve Madden Sandals

It's always good to have that extra pair in your closet that is appropriate for the office and would rock in a nightclub. 

8. Sam Edelman Knee-High Heels

We just had to throw one more in here! Love the little knot in the back! Super feminine and elegant! 

9. Dolce Vita Flats

These flats are perfect for school, shopping, and really would make any casual outfit perfect. You could also easily match any color with them!

10. Surface to Air Sparkle Booties

These are so adorable and edgy at the same time! They are simply unique; the kind of bootie that you don't see every day. Love 'em.  

7 Best Ways to Wear a Plaid Skirt!

by Linoya

Since it's the highlight of the Fall season, we figured to put some Fall outfits as an inspiration for you guys! Here are our 7 favorite Plaid Skirt looks, enjoy!

*To shop the look, simply click on any of the items in the box!


1. Classic Red and Black 
This is what we consider as the ultimate red and black look! Don't forget that red lipstick, even during the day! Be bold with your choice of lip color, it always upgrades the look by like 700 scales! 

2. Upper East Side Girl
We just love that combination of colors. Some items here are a bit of a splurge, but it is always nice to have something like that in your closet! This look is really inspired by a chic Upper East Side girl.

3. Cozy and Chic 
This one has got to be one of our favorites! There is nothing like the classic combination of a knee-high boot and a skirt! Definitely going to add that one to our wardrobe!

4. Edgy and Beautiful
If this doesn't send the "cool girl" message then what does? Really love this one. It's nice to have two tips to your closet; girly and edgy.

5. The Perfect Combo
Make sure you tuck that tee in, and you're perfect to go! This is by far our favorite. Love the touch we created with the layered necklaces- it makes up the entire look! 

6. It's ALL in the Details! 
Isn't this skirt sooooo adorable? The shoes and hat totally spice it up! It's all about the details! 

7. Day to Night 
This crop top and the high-rise plaid skirt makes a perfect combo! The nude boots and coat are balancing it out in the most perfect way that there is! If you want to wear this at night time, you could just change those boots into heels!