The Slip Dress

by Linoya

A recent trend we all know and love is the slip dress.

Where did it come from? 

The slip dress that you know and love may have popped back "from the 90's" quite recently, but truth be told, the first slip dress came around in the 1920's. Before that era women only wore them as undergarments, and it was only when there was a gender equality movement and an actual change created in society. Women wore the slip dress as a protest because as always, revolutions in fashion often come from society's behavior. The slip dress was more than just a beautiful fashion trend--women literally threw their corsets to the bin as a part of a protest and fully embraced their bodies for what they were. Slip dresses had the prettiest detail and embroidery, and it was such a popular garment back then, for both day time and night! So in case you were wondering, the 1920's are named roaring for a reason ;)

How to style it?

A lot has changed in fashion in the past century. Speaking of modern times, the slip dress could be styled in endless ways! My personal favorite is with a good leather jacket and a choker, undone hair and sneakers. I am personally not the greatest fan of wearing it with a T-shirt underneath, just because in order for it to look perfect it has to be a very specific kind of T-shirt and it doesn't always looks that good, in my opinion. Kendall clearly slays it (image below), but when I see it on the streets there is just something not so attractive about a T-shirt under a classic slip dress (in my opinion). I love REFORMATION's amazing selection of slip dresses. I will definetly link them down below! 

Is it here to stay?

Slip dresses and satin fabrics are definetly here to stay. There is nothing more refreshing than  wearing a beautiful and effortless slip dress, styled in your favorite way. You already know my favorite!  

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