The Next Huge Fashion Trend for Fall and Winter

by Linoya

You can call it a robe, or a duster, kimono or a pajama style gown... Name it how ever you'd like because you're about to see those things everywhere in the next few months! Longer cardigans, or in modern term, The Robe is an official fashion trend of Fall and Winter 2016/17. I personally approve and I already ordered a velvety one, killing two birds with one stone. I would style it simply with 501 Levi's jeans and a white top. I think the outfit needs to be super casual for daytime because the robe is doing all the job, and makes it look like you just threw something on and look incredibly chic. A black hat wouldn't hurt, add a choker to that as well. I've seen street style stars wear it often with some kind of a clutch. I guess holding something close to your body imitates the natural movement of holding a robe or a towel close to your body when you're fresh out of the shower, but bringing it to the streets. I love the new and improved kimono, how about you? 

I love how we keep going back in a way. There used to be a time when women were afraid to show their bodies because not a part of a norm, and now we are willingly going back to covering ourselves head to toe, and not from religion beliefs but as a fashion statement.

All you need is a little wind to feel like a street style star. 


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