Classic Burberry Trench Coat

by Linoya

I love being able to dress how I want to wherever I want to. I consider fashion's unwritten rules as a recommendation only, and I think fashion is all about exploring your style and testing new things all the time. But sometimes it's good to stick to the classics. Wearing something as a classic Burberry trench coat is more than just wearing a coat. You have something greater on your shoulders, much more than just a piece of fabric. The fine details and the brand's legacy make all the details. I paired it with a bell-sleeved top that I recently got from Storets, which added the extra touch while popping out of the coat's sleeves. Click here to see some more of my looks wearing classic pieces. 

While shooting this look I visited a 2,000 year-old amphitheater and it truly felt magical. Walking through the ruins, where Romans fought thousands of years ago in the name of king Caesar... It was all by the Mediterranean sea which added the extra touch of magic. I felt inspired and connected to the sea during winter time, which was amazing.

I have been loving these see-through pink shades! They add the perfect finish to every outfit while spicing it up. As I said before I have no rules, and I love wearing them at night, too. I received them from Tijn Eyewear, which also happen to offer a $20 off discount on every single pair while using the code: 2017.


what i wore

Trench Coat: Burberry
Top: Storets
Pants: Storets
Bag: Coach (similar HERE)

Photography: Roee Bokobza



by Linoya



Ever since chokers came back to style I have been in the constant search for finding the most unique pieces out there that match my style perfectly. So when someone screams leather, snakeskin, studs, stones, and hoops I say YES. These are just some of the unique designs Shuri has in her collection. 

I absolutely love how the pop of color upgrades my black overalls. Makes such a simple look so unique.  


What I wore

Jewelry: Shuri
Overalls: Brenda
Sunglasses: Spitfire

Dear Glitter Boots,

by Linoya

By now you know. I'm an official glitter addict. Ever since I got those glitter boots from Zara, believe it or not, I have not taken them off of my feet! The size of their heel is also perfect, because it gives you the few extra inches without making your feet cry. They also match perfectly with pants that reach to your ankle, just like this fringed denim that I am totally obsessed with. 

Ever since S\S fashion month 2017 there has been an overload of metallic everywhere, and I mean, everywhere. Same applies to glitter and stars, which are my two of my all time favorites. It's nice to have more selection to shop from but I seriously wished that not every single one of the fast fashion stores had a ton of my favorite things! Anyways, I really like the way my bell sleeves pop out of the metallic bomber jacket. It adds an extra touch to it and makes the outfit looks more ba-bam. You should try it this winter, in one of those warmer days or just under your ginormous coat! 

Jacket: Bershka
Top: Zara
Jeans: Asos
Boots: Zara
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Quay Australia