California Dreaming // Magic Star Sweater

by Linoya in

If you've been here for a while, you know that California is my dream destination. I travel here as often as I can just because I'm so in love with it, and I have no other way of saying this! So far I've been doing all my favorite things here, which I will write a guide to very very soon!

As I'm sure I mentioned before in THIS POST, I am obsessed with stars, and have been since, like, forever! So when my baby sister bought this sweater from Brandy Melville I couldn't be happier! This cute little Stella McCartney bag is also an addition to the collection, it just goes with everything so so perfectly, I'm obsessed! 

I'm excited of what's to come, which I will also share soon. In the meantime follow my adventures on my Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter for all the new stuff, tips, and the latest trends! Love you all xoxo

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