All that Glitter Madness

by Linoya

If there is one thing that I'm obsessed with, it has to be glitter. So when I saw those stunning metalic pleated pants you could imagine how excited I got! Until now I've been limiting my love for glitter to my nails and eye make-up, but fashion is all about experimenting :) If you feel like you love something, own it. To be honest, I was not quite sure when I was at the store shopping for these babies. I was there with my sisters, and we all have very different tastes, and when I rushed looking for them, excited as I was, they turned the pants down! But this time I had to follow my gut and just trust my taste, and be confident that I can rock these metalic beautiful pants! So next time you're shopping, if you are absolutely positively sure that an amazing item matches your style perfectly, don't let even the closest people to you make you doubt in your choice! To be on the safe side make sure they have a good return policy! Until next time, xoxo