Love Story

by Linoya

My love story with the sea begun when I was 15 years old. On August 2nd 2009 I went on a surfboard for the first time in my life, and as cliché as it sounds, I instantly fell in love. I used to seat in the back of the car whenever my family and I went to the beach, but on that special day, I couldn't care less for the annoying sand and the feeling of stickiness everywhere; I learned to love it. I love the beach dearly, and it always helps me calm down if I need to.

Today I am sharing a special shoot with you. My sister and I have been reunited after 4 months, and she is the reason for why I can make this blog happen. She is my photographer and beyond! This was the first shoot we did after 4 months, so we both got really excited!

I purchased this dress with a miracle. I spotted it on someone on the street on my last day in New York, and I was not able to get it out of my head for hours! A few hours later, when I ran some final errands, I stood outside of a store window and was absolutely shocked to discover the exact same dress on the manikin!  A miracle! I quickly purchased it and went to catch my plane. Someone on the beach asked if I was getting married! Nope, not quite yet! Until next time, xoxo