Take Me to the Sea

by Linoya

As you could probably tell from all my previous Instagram postsI am a total beach bum when we're talking Summer time. Even though this Summer I have been busier than usual and didn't have as much time to go to the beach and either surf, or just lay in the sun while eating a watermelon, I cherish the moments when I do get to see the big blue in front of me. 

For this shoot, I collaborated with the sweet Chen, the founder and head designer of Ogen Jewelry. I fell in love with the pieces when I first saw them! Every single piece is just so beautiful and perfectly beach-themed! You can call me obsessed, but these won't get off my wrists! Chen designs and produces them locally here in Israel, but ships them w-o-r-l-d-w-i-d-e. They totally match with my new swimsuit that I am in love with that I got when I was still in New York from Planet Blue.  I hope you are spending your Summer in a sunny place and get to look at the ocean at least once a day! 

Photography: Hillit Friedman