In a White Swimsuit

by Linoya

On my trip to LA we wanted to go to the beach. We have already been to the Santa Monica beach and wanted to go to a place a bit more special. And so, I started doing my research and found the most perfect beach in Southern California (from what I've seen so far :)) El Matador beach has beautiful giant rocks all over the coast, and they just seem like a little touch of heaven. The sight against the blue water is just gorgeous, and we could not have asked for anything better. 

This was the first time I wore my new swimsuit which I love! I got it from American Apparel, and honestly, it's my first swimsuit (and not bikini) since I was about 5! In the Summer time especially, I'm such a beach girl. I love the water, and I enjoy surfing and SUP, I honestly feel like a mermaid when I'm in the water! I love this swimsuit so much. I think it's super flattering and I just love the white color! I think it looks so good with the foam and the waves :) I couldn't have passed the opportunity to wear my new pleated light green top that I bought from Zara for only $15! I know! I was shocked as well! It looks like the sky and the waves combines and this was the perfect opportunity to wear it for the first time. I highly recommend buying this swimsuit and going to El Matador State beach!