Classic Jean & Tee

by Linoya

You know what they say, you're the prettiest when you're comfortable. And sometimes a girl's just gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I never wear something that feels constructing and uncomfortable. I rarely ever wear heels (lucky I'm tall haha), yet when I do want those extra few inches I would always wear something I find incredible chic and comfortable. I have been loving the mid-heel lately. I bought a couple of paired and I wear them nonstop! A happy girl has happy feet, and if you think about it, painful feet is never a good idea! The mid-heel is perfect because it both gives you just the right amount of height and keeps you more comfortable than ever. I love a combination of denim, white tee, and a statement bag. I kept the colors neutrals for bag pops out which I love! This is such a simple look yet so chic. I hope you enjoy creating as much as I do!