New York 1954

by Linoya

One of my favorite fashion eras is the 1950's. Old Hollywood glamour is one of the things that truly excites me; whether is by watching movies, reading books and articles... Everything from fashion to movies was just filled with glam! There is something about this decade that just pulls me in. If I could, I would transport myself in time and live there for at least a week, with the preference of being a Hollywood star ;) Naturally I was inspired to wear this look and honestly we could not have picked a better location. The bridges are definetly timeless and if you just woke up from your sleep, you may confuse this shoot for being authentic. I wore this structured flared skirt and decided to show a little skin. That was extremely popular in the hot summer days during the 50's. The cat-eye glasses add the perfect touch to finish the look! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed shooting it!