by Linoya

I think everyone should have an Adidas Original piece in their closets. It's such a must have. When I saw this one I fell in love. I scored it on pre-Thanksgiving sale so it was a win win! It is such an essential, you could just through it on every single outfit. It is the kind of jacket you just throw on when you have to put an outfit together when you rush in the morning, it makes things so much easier! You can just zip it up and wear nothing underneath, like literally nothing and I promise you no one will ever notice! Anyhow, I wore it with this black maxi dress I got when I was in LA that weekend (going again in a week and I'm so excited!). This felt like the first day of spring! We walked around Washington Square Park and it was such a happy feeling to see all the people on the streets smiling again! It's unbelievable how weather could change up your mood, and I felt so excited! 

I have exciting plans coming up this week. Other than getting ready to my trip for LA, I'm going to collaborate with a boutique on the Lower East Side. They have the cutest clothes, so cute and very my style that we decided to make a collaboration. Anyways, you will see it soon up right here :) I linked down below all of the outfit details. xo

Photography: Hillit Friedman

Jacket: Adidas Originals
Dress: Boutique in LA, similar HERE
Sneakers: Adidas Originals
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Wristlet: Coach