A Girl's Best Friend

by Linoya

For as long as I could remember myself, I always liked fine and dainty jewelry. I love to wear my jewelry daily, and to not remove them in the shower or worry about them when I go for a swim. It means that I need to wear jewelry that are made of fine materials such as gold and diamonds. There is something about nice and dainty jewelry that upgrade your look. Always having my necklaces and some earrings on make me feel more confident and prettier. For my 20th birthday my mom got me two necklaces (that I'm sure you've already seen); one of a star and one of the moon. Both made out of rose gold with rubies and diamonds. I swear, I have not taken off these necklaces for a single day in over a year! That's how you know I like something :) I like being able to layer my jewelry since I never like to take it off, and when I see something I like, I just gotta have it. That's why I love to keep some longer necklaces handy that I can easily put on and take off, and not to mention how obsessed I am with chokers! Sometimes nice jewelry could get pricey but what can I say? A girl needs her jewelry! Just like a designer bag or shoes, golds and diamonds are a good investment that even your great great grandchildren would enjoy! :)

Recently, I discovered a jewelry brand that was basically made for me! I want to get my hands on every single piece! The jewelry from Sharon Fine Jewelry have the perfect amount of daintiness, and it is made by Linoya-approved materials: the finest golds and diamonds. Believe it or not, it is affordable. Sharon Fine Jewelry relates to everything I look for in the perfect jewel and that also includes the price. This is a complete coincidence, but both of mine and Sharon's parents have a jewelry business. We know that the cost of a diamond is no where near where it's priced on the market, and Sharon was inspired to start a business that will mainly focus on reasonable prices where you can get your money's worth for such nice pieces of jewelry. When I first heard that she has the perfect pricing I got so excited because it means I can own everything! With that being said, I could easily layer them all I want without wearing the  "too much" look because of how dainty they are! If you ask me, if a girl is wearing the most basic tee shirt and jeans, she can still look 'wow' if she has nice jewelry on (with the help of nicely done hair and perfect nails :)) For this look I decided to wear my new pink satin dress that I'm absolutely obsessed with! I think it complements the jewelry so well and together they create the perfect girly look! 

Chokers with diamonds are 😍

 l love how beautiful the white gold looks against my pink satin dress! 

My favorite sandals!

See what I mean when I say dainty perfection? 

*In collaboration with Sharon Fine Jewelry

Photography by Hillit Friedman

Jewelry: Sharon Fine Jewelry
Dress: Zara
Sandals: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Gucci