Hello, I’m Linoya (Linoy Friedman, everyone calls me Linoya). I decided to join the spectacular world of blogging and share my great love for fashion. Every day, my mind is filled with new ideas and inspirations, and I am hoping to take you along my journey. So let me tell you a little bit about myself; I am 21 years old and recently received my BA in Communication Arts! I live in the best city in the world: New York. I moved here when I was 15 from Tel Aviv, Israel. Fashion is My Accent is a way for me to express my thoughts and inspire my readers daily. I am hoping to come to great achievements through the expression of my ideas and inspirations while making my dreams come true. 

For business inquiries: Fashionismyaccent@gmail.com

I would love to support your brand. Drop me an email to collaborate with me! 

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